Docs of BNBHunter
The Background Story
The Story leads you to explore BNBHunter
Aventure: Find yourself and truth of crypto in the story.
A long time ago, A boy was born on an island, and there
was a well-known story about horror evils behind
the mountain.
But his dream was going to be a famous adventurer
who would be the first person to climb the hills.
He had never been afraid of failure, he was brave and resilient,
ready to go off somewhere else and start all over again.
It's fear of unknown or it has always been a world of adventure for brave people?
The boy believes every adventurer dreams of exploring new continents
even if it needs to traverse hazards and obstacles.
So the boy started his journey. He lived in harmony with nature and
followed the natural law instead of human factor. The journey finally
made the boy return to its essences, namely opening, sharing, and
relying on the community. What's the boy's name?
What's the reward for adventurers? Explore it in the BNBHunter.
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