Docs of BNBHunter
Mission and Vision
The mission and vision of the BNBHunter and why we want to do this project.

Our Mission

BNBHunter team believe that gamefi is the most representative way of globalization, and blockchain technology will bring "transparency" revolution to all games. We hope that through the innovation of modes of BNBHunter , players can enjoy happiness and reshape the blockchain spirit together, so that everyone can become a crypto hunter.

Our Vision

BNBhunter is not just an NFT game. Weโ€˜re going to build the new order by making the BNBHunter attractive to users. And the ecosystem that can grow freely. In the future, it will include the most popular elements such as defi, gamefi, NFT, DAO, etc. The BNBHunter will be the platform to provide the abundant services for users because all of them are crypto hunter. And all players will jointly create an adventure full of unknown, making BNBHunter a leader in blockchain Adventure theme games probably.
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