Docs of BNBHunter
Players can stake the NFTs to mining BHT in the game
Before a complete map is made, fragments can also create income. Players can stake NFT in the stake page to mining the BTH. We will distribute the BHT according to the time of every block output in the BSC (the output time of 1 block in the BSC is 3 seconds).
The output of each combat point in 1 block is 0.000035BHT.
As the total combat points of all staked fragments increases to 1 million(Points), that is the moment, when the total output of BHT in each block reaches 35 BHT, the output of each combat point in 1 block will be changed to :
(1 / The total combat points in the stake * 35 ) BHT.
The combat of fragments is as follows:
Copybook: 10
Scroll: 15
Ancient book: 20
Classics: 50
Treasure Map: 100
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