Docs of BNBHunter
The players have chances to win the Big prize in JackPot
The person who get the treasure is often the one who perseveres to the end. BNBHunter has set up rich awards to reward explorers who stick to the end!
Every time the player buys a mystery box, the 0.0015BNB(3% of total order value) will inflow the Rank rewards.
0.05bnb * 3% = 0.0015bnb
Each time a fragment is being bought, the countdown will be reset to 15 minutes. If no one buy a new fragment at the end of the countdown, all the BNB in the Jackpot belong to the last five hunters who bought the fragments, the last buyer get 50%,
the penultimate get 20%, the third to last get 15%, the fourth to last get 10%, and the fifth to last get 5%.
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