Docs of BNBHunter
Players can bid BNB with BHT! All the BHT will be burned ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Some scattered treasures have been collected, they will be used for auction!
So the fragments can be auctioned in the game!
The adventurer with the highest bid will be rewarded!
Every time the player buys a mystery box, the 0.0015BNB(3% of total order value) will inflow the Auction rewards.
0.05bnb * 3% = 0.0015bnb
Players use BHT to bid for BNB in the auction pool. The first bid is not less than 200 BHT, and the subsequent bid must be at least 50 BHT shall be increased each time.
After the first player bids, the time countdown will be 15 minutes. If there is new bid within 15 minutes, the countdown will be restarted. Until there is no new player bid within 15 minutes, BNB in the auction pool will be distributed to the last 5 bidders (it can be the same address). If there are less than 5 bids, the remaining rewards will be accumulated in the reward pool.
The last buyer get 70%, the penultimate get 15%, the third to last get 5%, the fourth to last get 5%, and the fifth to last get 5%.
All the BHT in the bid will be burned!
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